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Requesting a free sample for promotion in you tube channel as well as social media

Hii team I am very much intrested in your product nokia 8 sirrocco. And i would like to promote the same in social media and youtube as well. Which can increase your product popularity as well as sales , for free if you send me a free sample I always happy to hear from you as possible as soon. And serve you the best Thanking you, Gowtham
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Hi there,

Sincere request to you, do not promote Nokia, they aint worth it, they are not able to handle a minuscule quantum of customers then how would they handle more, moreover they neither have technical expertise nor reach to handle customer issues in fact they will try to milk them if they have some issues by asking to replace the purchased phone with new phone by further paying 60% of the phone cost, for even they know that they cant have new customers as other brands have far better and realistic qualities for mobile ( that unibody pure aluminum study equipment is pure sham aint worth 50 K) better go for other brands and give them chance instead of trusting Nokia, its not the old Nokia anymore...  

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