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Android 9 Pie - detected glitches


Yesterday I have installed Android 9 Pie from zip file (recovery sideload) provided by xda (official friday update).

New system is nice but has some small glitches:

1. Pattern on lockscreen is visible even if I uncheck this option in system settings,

2. When I unlock the phone using fingerprint sensor got:

- some UI glitches on my statusbar,

- animations are not smooth as they should be,

- for a second I see lockscreen wallpaper

3. When I expand statusbar menu animation is not smooth,

4. Durinng wakeup my phone with double tape sometimes notifications are not expanded automatically and when they expand animation is not smooth,

5. I cant see option in recent apps to close all apps,

6. Animation in recent apps are not smooth when sliding between applications

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I've just noticed that I'm able to dismiss notification on lock screen when my phone is locked...

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