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September security patch & Oreo 8.1 update

Its September month of 2018 passed, & Nokia 3 (2017) yet not getted the monthly Security patch & Oreo 8.1 update, While Nokia 3.1 (2018) getted September security patch & Oreo 8.1 update also, wheres HMDs promise of pure-secure & up to date, that's only their slogan which is not in reality, they are ignoring older devices, they only promotes them up to end the stock of devices, once theirs stock of old devices ended, they ignores them

 The September update has just arrived on my 1020 in UK, but looks like it is just the security patch, as it is only 84Mb.

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They said that they released the update but?

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 It is just the 5th Sept security patch, no 8.1 update.

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We havent even got security update

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Sad news for Nokia 3 & 2 users it Quarter 4 of 2018, But yet they haven't the latest Android Oreo 8.1 in their phones, many other Android one phones like Moto G5s & G5 plus, Mi A1 & A2 also updated to Oreo 8.1

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Hmm. They are just focusing on their new phones

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Just got update
ya i also got update
If Nokia is planing for Android 9.0 in nokia 3, why they waste their time in making Android 8.1.0 beta version and then an official Android 8.1.0 ,then after a few days they will give 9.0 update. That's all we can observe Nokia's strategy over their low end device. We've to wait until the January month of 2019.
It's a bad news, that plan of not not getting 8.1 and jumping to Pie. God knows when we're getting Android P. Let's just hope it will be by the end of February. =|
So we are not getting the Android 8.1update, Directly we are getting pie
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