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Call connectivity problem

Since last 4 days I am facing the issue of call connectivity. Call connects but call duration doesn't start and so my voice cannot be heard to the other side but I can hear them. First ignored it thinking might be due to network problem but it goes on increasing day by day. Then I changed the phone and tried it at another phone there was no problem at all in the sim card. The problem exists in phone. Please help me I can't make my call using my phone which I purchased 3rd of September from Nokia online.

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I have the same problem.... WhatsApp call works fine but when I make calls using sim network then no one can hear me but I can hear them... How can Nokia make such a basic mistake... Our mistake we trusted Nokia and they got basic thing wrong... Pls find a resolution soon.

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Same problem
Please add call recording feature
You guys saved me..... Was about to buy 6.1 +, but changed my mind after reading issues and feeling your agony..... Will never buy Nokia....
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