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Adding music files

How do I download music files to 8110 4g? , I want to add a ringtone,


 I do that music and ringtone as well suing the desktop computer link handphone to the desktop then copy and paste it, maybe you can create a new folder in the internal storage if you don't want to keep them in a microSD card

Thanks for that but does the PC (on Windows 10),have to recognise the phone?

When I connect with USB the phone is not in "my devices"

Am I missing something.Sorry to be stupid but not done this before!

Update- Nokia Chat tell me that my PC won't "find" the phone without an SD card inserted.

Make sense or not?

My computer is dual boot: Ubuntu as well as Windows 8 but 99% of my time I logon to Ubuntu. This time around I logon using Windows 8 and with cable attached to my Nokia 8110 4G, it read my handphone's internal as well as external (microSD) storage. No problem. As I have a microSD card in the handphone, my songs are stored there (already 0.8GB and growing) thus I never bothered to try to keep them in the internal storage. As there is no default folder in the internal storage for "Songs" I am assuming the handphone was configured to force the user to store songs in the microSD but I will not experiment to see if it is possible to store songs in a new folder in the internal storage as I prefer to leave it as default.

Thanks again abbas

I 've connected to phone from PC and opened "this PC" but the phone does not appear in "devices".

Should it be there? Will it appear if I install a SD card in phone?.Am I missing something? So where do I paste to?

Anyone done it from Windows 10?

Firstly, in your case I'd borrow not buy a SD insert into the phone and test to see whether what Nokia Chat with us said is true. If yes there's your answer.
Secondly If no, tell them they give lousy advice. Then you might have to ask KaiOS Technologies what is the appropriate driver to be installed in Windows 10 so that it can see the internal storage of your phone.

Step by step my friend

Ok thanks

Have a card around somewhere,I'll try it and report back!

Inserted a 32 sd card, Windows 10 still  can't see the phone .

Could you give me a link to KaiOS Tec please.


Got this from KaiOS Tec

 "Thank you for getting back to me. For now, there is not desktop software which would allow you to send the files via the PC or a laptop directly to your Nokia phone. Good news is that you should be able to transfer your files by using your microSD card (just format it in the device itself and then put it into your computer) or, if it's a small file, you may send it via email which is linked to your Email app."

Does that mean send it as an attachment (have to be from a tablet) to the Email on phone which I haven't set up yet.Don't understand that the phone has a music storage but can't seem to add files to it?

Anybody more computer literate than me? (not difficult!)



Under the handphone's setting/storage/media, there are 4 default folders: music, pictures, movies and space left whereas in the handphone's internal storage via desktop, it shows a different set of 5 folders i.e. 0, DCIM(where photos you took are stored), Downloads, obb, and .gallery.

I did a test from the desktop, attached and emailed a song file "test.mp3" to myself. In the handphone I opened that email and successfully downloaded its file attachment. Under setting/stroage/media, it showed that file was stored in the default music folder whereas from the desktop, it showed that same file was stored in the Downloads folder.

In the eyes of the handphone it did store the test file in the Music folder as can be viewed under Setting/storage/media although in reality it sits in the Download folder. What is more important is that the Music app can detect and play it underPlaylist/Recently added

Eventhough I have a SD card in the handphone, by default, the song was sent to the Music folder. I hope that is clear to you.

Thanks again,I appreciate your efforts!

I wonder if we have the same model.I have the 4 default folders but where is the "internal storage via desktop"? Should that appear when connected via usb? I din't seem to have that.

I have yet to set up e -mail on the phone because I don't want hundreds of e -mails on it. So... can I set up the Email account and then delete it after downloading music files, I'm only doing this to download a ringtone!

Upon linking handphone to desktop via cable, an icon appears on the desktop, in Ubuntu OS it shows it as "Android". I click on it to see the insides and can see 'internal storage' .Concept is the same with Windows. Sure you can delete your emails you sent to yourself with whatever attachments you sent.

Hi Abbas,

Had my pc literate son try today.

He set up an e-mail account and sent the file to my phone but it won't open it..

Also purchased the song from amazon via wi fi on the phone and tried to open .Message read "not able to download to this device"

Tried several usb cables but the PC still fails to see the phone.

Tempted to return it to the EE shop.

Thanks for you efforts!


Now opened "notices" (left tab) message reads "download complete" and a small figure 1 in a circle in top left of screen. I've been in every folder and sub folder but it's not there! So where is i? 

Any thoughts?

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