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Display glass protection?

Some of the review i read said that nokia 5.1 plus has NEG glass protection and some review says that there is no display protection.
Can the official please clarify on this issue, whether Nokia 5.1 Plus Display has anykind of protection?


No it does not have any hardened glass on the display
Some of the review says it has NEP Japan technology glass this true?

 The Indian version of the Nokia 5.1 Plus comes with Gorilla Glass 3.

@ycverma005 how do you know, I am asking this because it is mentioned nowhere
i have searched almost whole of internet, but no where its stated that it has gorrila glass or any other protection..there is just 2.5D glass

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its better to ask the HMD by sending query
No, it hasn't any Gorilla glass/japanese technology for protection, it has the curved 2.5 D glass only, u need to use screen protector & back cover for keep safe this device

It does not have gorilla glass protection. But it is durable from what I have seen. I have already dropped it two times and there has been no issue. Still you need a proper case as it is extremely slippery plus you could put on a screen protector.

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It's 2.5 D glass aslo scratch & fingerprint resistant check out this test
2.5 D glasses are scratch & fingerprint resistants, but they will breakdown if falled down from high distance
My nokia 5.1 plus glass is broken down with in a single fall... And it doesn't comes under warranty... Ohh God
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