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Goodbye Nokia, Hello Xiaomi!

I bought the Nokia 6.1. I had high hopes for this phone. I was having trouble choosing between Nokia and Xiaomi. At that time, Xiaomi didn't have a phone that I found quite interesting. So I went with Nokia 6.1 because it looked nice and had a nice design. It also had stock Android and I like stock Android so that made the choice easier. Fast forward 3 months, I was so fed up with Nokia's BS. Late security updates, no sign of Android Pie, shitty camera, phone kept freezing.. I can keep going on about the problems. At this time, Xiaomi and some other companies had released some really great phones. I started looking at those phone and checking out the reviews. I was so impressed with Pocophone and at the same time, so done with Nokia. Not just Nokia 6.1, I was done with Nokia. Every company that buys Nokia, ruins it's image a little bit more. I know it's a harsh statement, but it's a true one. I sold my Nokia 6.1 and bought Pocophone F1. I have been having a great time with this phone. The camera is great, the performance is great, the phone doesn't hang. It is everything that Nokia 6.1 wasn't. I had high hopes for Nokia when HMD bought it and released the new phones. But after using one of their phones, I won't ever be going back to Nokia. I have been really impressed by Xiaomi. Pocophone is great device for it's price. Dear HMD, you ruined an already ruined thing a little bit more. Nice going..

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Bye! Have a nice life.

Of course I will. Now that I no longer own a Nokia device.

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At this point only thing can save Nokia is faster than usual updates pixel style otherwise they are not making any sense as a brand ...I also bought a pocof1 Fon....those nokiaphiles keep lying to yourself this stupid layolty to a fault is why even 1400 dollar iPhone X's max has charge gate issues koz apple is used to screwing its customers now they will tell u your charging it wrong or your charging it with non recommended voltage as if ur supposed to measure your voltage flow on a mains electricity outlet,,,I am done too with Nokia bullshit .android one Fons my foot yet they can't even offer basic updates
Nice Journey With Nokia.I didn't facing any issues on my Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB except camera quality which is not up to the mark.Recently Updates improve some features but Pro Mode Not Working.I think it's good phone if compared build quality with pocophone.built like tank.

"Late security updates, no sign of Android Pie" are pretty minor issues - and you won't do much better with anyone else - compared to the other problems with this phone.

And given all the bugs and quirkiness of this phone, are you sure you want them rushing updates?

I'd rather they took their time and tried to get it right this time.  It's hard to care about being first with Pie when the phone is so frustrating to use at all.

Do you think Nokia 6.1 is better build than a pixel 2 ??koz in my country pixel 2 now sells at 279 dollar ,,,Nokia 6.1 sells for 269 dollars in my country ,,second you are the reason why hmd gives you late security updates and broken update fixes ,,,,android one Fon gets bad updates than non android one Nokia Fons ,for me this crap was unbecoming I can't praise bad experience im not a psychopath,,,,build quality is not what I use ,,u at very least interact with the Fons functionality ,,,to me a 130 dollars redmi note 5 pro or 200 dollars mi A2 better camera and internals mark you or the Motorola one power with 5000 mah and better internals etc at 200 dollars offers value for money heck even Nokia 5.1 plus is better than Nokia 6.1 2018 and build quality is something subjective ,point is u won't get any Fon made in last quarter having serious build issues if it's a 200 dollars sub marketing even the honorary 8x is better

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Auki Yes you have a point i.e.Price difference is lot between Redmi Note 5 Pro at 130 Dollars and Mi A2 at 200 Dollars as you said.But are you not aware of any Cashback Offers.I purchased Nokia 6.1 4GB/64GB in India With Cashback Offer Of ICICI Credit Card and PayTm Cashback Offer.I got it 3400(PayTm)+1800(ICICI)=5200 Cashback.So I got it at 13800/- which price less with Redmi Note 5 pro 15000/- at that time without any offers (Price 1000 less at the time of launch).For Me It's good device which is best build quality with good hardware may be Android OS Update make it Software Good.Can you tell me your bugs using Nokia 6.1 so i can see on my device.
My country doesn't have cash back offers and Nokia and Samsung Fons are over prices like it doesn't make sense,,the camera bug ...battery drain ,,,screen staters and also random blackouts on display ,,,,the Nokia 6.1 has issues hmd won't admit it that's why they just flood more devices hoping people won't buy Nokia 6.1 2018 that's why the Nokia 6.1 plus is priced cheaper in my country than 6.1 2018 ,,,they just wanna sell it out of stock stop production ..right now honor 8x with Kirin 710 is better value at 199.99 dollars lol ,,4/64 etc ,,,while Nokia 6.1 2018 @269 dollars surely it doesn't make sense for the weak CPU and GPU and that pricing u can even get Motorola one power launched already superp Fon if I hadn't bought whyred and Poco F1 I would buy it ..but I'll sell whyred and buy Motorola one power it's a better device battery,,camera ,,ram ,,storage build quality and display size ..looks premium too !!!so saying build quality bis only why u want the Nokia 6.1 is just bad ,,besides if I have Xiaomi devices I can run that android one pure stick android without waiting for someone to screw it up in. Most stable way possible I'm enjoying android 9.0 on PEX ROM best ever !!!!!so for me Nokia ruined my experience they need to up their game in terms of software !!a Zeiss camera can't perform worst than a 100 dollar Fon no fucking way that happens in 2018 when devices like honor play and even Google pixel 2 is sold at 270 dollars and pixel is much worth investment for the money ....
Auki Looking at your reply i can say only i have issues with my phone at Camera.Images not clear which we want on 16MP but I am using Google Camera Apk For Better Photos like Portrait,etc.I think you have lots of choice as per price segment.So That's the reason you're feeling bad because you spend more money so you expect better results.I hope you can enjoy Pocofone without any issues.

 I'll just mention all the problems I was having with my nokia 6.1.

Camera : The camera was super buggy. The quality of the camera was very low. Beside the quality, the camera app sometimes froze while taking a picture. Sometimes it would take a lot of time to open. Using gcam, I faced a problem where taking a picture with the back cam resulted in the phone hanging for 2-3 minutes straight. I used different gcams and all had the same result.

GPS : The gps was buggy. I always had to restart my phone in order to get the gps to work.

Hanging issues : Sometimes while using the phone, the phone froze. I had to wait 4-5 minutes even to hard reset it. The first time it happened, I was devastated. I was only using whatsapp and it froze. I thought maybe it's dead.

Software issues : I faced a software issue where sometimes turning the screen on or switching from one app to another resulted in just a blank display with a greenish tint (the tint depends on the wallpaper. since I was using a green wallpaper, the tint was green). Then I had to turn the screen off for a few seconds and then turn it back on.

Fingerprint Sensor : Nokia used a very cheap a** fingerprint sensor in this phone. It only worked about 4-5 times out of 10. The speed of the sensor was slow as well.

Wifi issues : The wifi on this phone kept disconnecting and sometimes it wouldn't work even when connected. I have a good wifi connection at home but due to this problem, I used mobile data most of the time on my mobile.

Software updates : Nokia made this device and then forgot about it. Google releases security updates in the beginning of the month and this phone received it at the end of the month.

The biggest issue for me was the camera. Photography is my hobby. But I was so displeased with this phone's camera that I mostly avoided taking photos. The front cam was bad as well. I didn't like it at all. Using Gcam, I was able to get decent photos with the front cam. Also, the slow updates also made me hate Nokia a little bit more each month.

The only thing I liked about this phone was the build quality and the design of this phone's back. The front had large bezels by the standards of 2018. I might have kept this phone if only they had released Android 9.0 in time. But the lazy a** folks at HMD managed to F up that too.

I am so very glad that I sold my Nokia 6.1 and bought a new device.

Yesterday i watched Nokia 7.1 launch Event So There is mentioned Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus will get Android Pie Updates In October.Nokia 8 and Nokia 8 Sirocco will get Pie Update in November.


I have most of those problems and some others too and they are very frustrating.

But you're upset that the security updates take a few weeks?

I care very much about security and given what we have seen from Nokia I'm worried that they won't keep their promise of 3 years of these, but frankly I think that every 2nd month would be fine.  

And given how buggy their phones are, I want Nokia to start taking more time/care with their updates - not less.  Let's not forget that Google too often releases buggy updates, so if Nokia gives a little time for the bugs to be found in Google's software then we will all benefit.

I had a Nexus 5x for two years before buying the Nokia 6.1. That phone received updates directly from google. I never had a single buggy update. And the camera was amazing as well. The camera and the updates in nokia 6.1 really elt me down.
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