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Battery drain too much after pie update

Dear Team, This is to inform you that I have been facing some issues after I update my phone to pie update. My phone battery is draining very quickly without much usage. Kindly help.

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Same issue with my Nokia 7 plus after pie update.

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Me and my cousin both have the same problem. I had about 70% charge at night, when I woke up in the next morning it reached about 50%. The same thing happened the next day too and also my battery gets low on 6 hrs of usage.
Me too 7 plus
Mine too draining too much
You need to do factory reset to solve this issue, but don't forget to backup your data to restore it after resetting.
same issue happened in my Nokia 7 Plus device also.. even if the mobile is an ideal conditions it use drain the battery lot... around per hrs .its drain almost 7% off battery so plz fix this issue in October OTA security patch
before android p update .. 100 to 50% of charge it last upto 4hrs 20min.... but now for the 4hrs of screen on time it's took 100 to 39% of charge.... plzzz do optimise the battery for the battery performance

try to drain the phone to 0% then charge it to 100% straight without disruption. 

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