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Camera processing for a long time.

After the September security update and the new camera app update from playstore, the camera app is hanging everytime I open it. A picture I took is still being processed for almost 6 hours! I have screenshots for proof (how to attach here?) Previous Nokia camera app was also quite bad. Despite having Zeiss optics this phone's camera is a joke. I hope Nokia fixes the camera app and helps customer have a smooth experience. My previous phone MiA1(android one), which has Snapdragon 625 processor gave a very smooth experience with cameras. This phone with 630 processor hangs while opening camera and gets stuck during taking pictures. Please fix the camera issues as soon as possible. Thank you

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same problem i have. i switch mia1 to nokia 6.1 but much problem are here.
I'm also facing same problem. I guess many other people who are using same device must be facing the same problem.
After September Update, new camera works fine on my TA-1068 for over 1 week now. Photo, pro mode, video, slow mo, all fine.
Hi, I am using the 3gb ram and 32gb storage model. I am facing the issues I have mentioned. May be you have a 4gb ram model and the problem has something to do with ram management, I don't know. Hope it is fixed in the next update at least. Thank you
I have same problem in 3gb/32gb model

My TA-1068 is 4GB/64GB... no camera problems. 

Maybe storage problem causing the freezing? 

Hi, I have this processing issue on my 6.1, turned the Auto HDR off in settings and the problem seems to have gone, hope this helps

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Hi, Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will do that and see if the app is smooth. Still I hope the camera works perfect as such without any user changes after the next update. Thank you

 Even with HDR turned off the Probelm appears. It's really annoying and souldn't have happend in the first place.

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Same here...
And now the Nokia camera app is no longer available in the play store. Uninstall updates and wait for a working release.

I have the TA-1068 model and I am also having the same issue. The processing notification just stays forever if I don't force stop the camera app. :/

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My processing camera problem solved by this method suggest by nokia chat support team... Step 1: Go to settings >> apps and notifications >> app info >> camera >> Storage >> clear data >> force stop >> done. Step 2: Go to the settings >> system >> reset >> click on reset app preferences >> reset apps. Step 3: I request you to try to force restart your device by pressing power button and volume up key button at same time for 20 seconds. Now my camera is working perfectly. No more processing problem.
Note my camera version is 90.9.1125.10
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