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Camera processing for a long time.

After the September security update and the new camera app update from playstore, the camera app is hanging everytime I open it. A picture I took is still being processed for almost 6 hours! I have screenshots for proof (how to attach here?) Previous Nokia camera app was also quite bad. Despite having Zeiss optics this phone's camera is a joke. I hope Nokia fixes the camera app and helps customer have a smooth experience. My previous phone MiA1(android one), which has Snapdragon 625 processor gave a very smooth experience with cameras. This phone with 630 processor hangs while opening camera and gets stuck during taking pictures. Please fix the camera issues as soon as possible. Thank you

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I've been in contact with the support directly for the camera issues.

A solution that works for me is the soft reset / whip cache: Hold the power button + volume up bottom until the phone reboots. hold until it goes into a second reboot and then let go. This way it clear the cache.

I'm guessing it's a  ram management + some app that cause this issue. So not only HMD/Nokia is to blame for this. 

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@munnasharma @user1539331594868

 I will follow your suggestions. Will revert back if it works. Thank you
Tried the previous suggestions, it didn't work. The picture I took few minutes back is still under processing!

hai guis even i am using the same model nokia 6.0(2018) after the september update there are huge lot of bugs in the phone like the camera,suddenly the phone hangs,and i absorved that there is a huge lot of ram usage there is inly ram free of 780mb i dont know y but kindly nokia fix this problem 

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I uninstalled the camera updates and it worked fine
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