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I've ordered my device Nokia 6.1 Plus from on 2nd oct 2018 and paid using a debit card. 24hrs have passed and there is no initiation of my package nor any delivery related message have been sent to me. On it just says - ORDERED. The toll free customer care no. is also not rechargeable. Someone please help or suggest me a solution. I'm seriously worried of my package and the money I've paid to order it. I didn't order the package from Flipkart as I trusted Nokia's site more than that of Flipkart.

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My order no. is ##43664. If someone replies to my thread i would feel a little comfortable. Are you guys facing the same issue?

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Raokuldeep, when have you ordered your device?
Orders take 2-3 days to ship. Mine shipped on 15th sep which was ordered on 13th Sep. So chill :)

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This is the most reliefing reply on this thread. Thankyou so much Aaditya. May i know your location where the package was delivered? I live in Mumbai.
I live in Guna, MP. I recieved my package on 21st sept. Which was shipped thru delhivery courier service. I hope this might help you :)
Today is 04th Oct. I've got a message that my package is shipped and have got the AWB and a tracking order link of Delhivery site. (I had placed an online order of my package on 2nd oct, 2018)
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