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Pie update not recieved yet

When will i get pie update on my nokia 7 i hav heard it has been rolled out in September but i hav not got it yet..

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Agreed i also not received yet... Nokia what are you doing...

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There is a possibility to update manually to Pie. Just did it few hours ago. Check the website of Techmesto. Please be aware that you have to follow these steps at your own risk.

Protože jsem nezískala žádné aktualizace. Tak jsem se snažil podle Techmesto a aktualizace probíhala bez problémů a zatím vše funguje tak, jak je. Jsem z ČR. TA-1055.

In India, on device TA-1046 Android P update have been received on Sept 28. You please do check in settings>about> check for update.
Bro i already checked several time.. but no update found in updater... I dont knw when nokia provide us android pie update...

I have downloaded zip file from techmesto link. i have moved the file to sd card after downloading. i have installed it after booting to recovery mode. very simple step though.. i live in Singapore. i havent received pie until i thought of doing it this way.. it worked fine.. anyone wants to try, pls do it on your own risk. backup your data.. and after updating to pie, do a factory reset and start restoring data.. this helps to do a clean install.. battery drain is there. later i guess nokia will fix it..

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