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Delivery issue

I have ordered nokia 5.1plus thru nokia site on Oct 2nd 2018..Still the status is order placed..No improvement from there.. iam worried money too debited from long should I wait to get the phone.. Please help to know this

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I also ordered on 2nd October . I ordered Nokia 6.1 plus but order is still on placed status.

It's ok. It's not amezon or flipkart. Its sending you through normal services. So it can take upto 8 days.

it depends upon your location, in delhi it takes about 3-4 days to deliver

Hurrayy!! Suddenly I got message from Nokia yesterday that my package is arriving tomorrow. So chill guys. It only takes 5 days. 

Hello there , I ordered Nokia 5.1 plus on 9th October. My order is still in processing and I am waiting for my order to be shipped. How much more time it will take to deliver my mobile?

My delivery location is in NOIDA.

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