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vibation while charging

my phone is getting vibrated while charging when it is put on a flat surface. when i touch my finger to the frame ,the frame is getting vibrated.Is that risk for me or phone's life

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 I am also facing the same issue...

 Vibrate in the sense... is it from the phone vibrator, like vibrate while ringing? or from the phone body? in case if you choose the vibrator on during ring or message try to off and see. reboot once and check. Because I am not facing any vibration during charging.

it's from the phones metal frame I think the vibration is only when I touch my finger at the frame i think it's a kind of sensor

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From the phone body (from the frame).

In the normal case, it does not feel. If you move your fingers up and down, you will feel it. Just try!!!

 If anyone facing the issue?

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