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Whats going on Nokia, getting updates only for Mid range devices

@NokiaMobile you people forgot older devices like Nokia 8 and being the falgship Nokia8siracco didn't get Android 9 and being Nokia7plus a midranger have updated to Android9 and for Nokia6.1got camera update of live images and much more, but Nokia8 doesn't even have single update.

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The Nokia 8 has received regular updates over the last 12 months and Juho Sarvikas has said Android 9 plus further camera developments are coming to the Nokia 8, what more do you want?

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I know about security updates,is that's enough to a flagship device, i am not asking any extra features, i am asking what cheaper Nokia devices have like notification glance , camera app, etc, it is been 1year that the Nokia 8 was launched they are still working on to give some small updates still working and i don't want the updates which is yet to come, i want updates which is the cheaper Nokia devices already have from past 6/7months

You are expecting features to be added that were never on the phone to start with, when a car maker brings out a new car do you expect its features to be implemented on the older model?

For some historical perspective, Nokia 8 did not even have the Android 8 beta at this point last year available yet (the beta was released in late October). Regarding the current situation, very few devices from any manufacturers in general have Pie available at this point; in the Android version dashboard updated 28th of September, Pie was not even listed yet, meaning that less than 0.1% of Android devices that visited Play Store during the previous week were running it. So it's not like 8 is late receiving the update, as literally less than 99.9% of Android phones have it at this point.

I'm as interested as anyone about getting the update, but considering the above, I don't feel left out at all for not having Pie yet on my Nokia 8. Now, if there's no beta in within, say, a month or so, I might be getting a little annoyed though.

Also to give this a little extra perspective, i have a Moto G5 Plus sat here, it is 18 months old and it is still running Android 7.0, it has not had a single OS update and has had only 3 security patches in its entire life.

MrBelter, there is difference between hardware and software, i am not asking extra features i am asking the update which last or last month got to Nokia 6.1 and that update includes live images and much more, that is not pre installed feature or that is not promised feature from Nokia but it got that update, also i am not telling that Nokia 8 won't get Android P i am telling that they could have give first preference to flagship device as Samsung,lg, OnePlus etc ,it is like buying mid range phone will have best features and updates in Nokia, that is what i am complaining.

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That is why moto g5 is not an successful device.why cant you compare to onplus instead of moto..

Apart from the Moto G5 was one of the highest selling phones of last year and the Nokia 8 came absolutely nowhere near it in terms of sales then i guess you are right, it wasn't successful.

If you aren't asking for extra features what is adding "live images and much more"?

The Nokia 8 is a year old and newer handsets will always get priority over older handsets, i suspect once Android 9 is released for the Nokia 8 then that is your lot, it will fall by the wayside.

Our only hope for the Nokia 8 is that HMD can finally sort out the camera app before the phone is put out to pasture.

But as customer we always need our cellphone is to be on top, i don't know and i don't expect it is 6month old or a year old as i told my friends OnePlus 5 device which is older than Nokia 8got features from oneplus 5t as well as 6 there is no need of comprising with company because we also paid for service as well as device,no one purchase device to use as it is when it got unboxed that too in this generation, company should be one step forward than our expectations
If you compare to moto g2 g3 g4 , g5is absolutely waste and not upto the mark
Thats what i am telling for that reason this year moto g6 also get flopped, do u know moto g6 is launched? Also it is biggest flop,i have lot other phones to give examples to show how Nokia 8 is lacking , Nokia is good in papers , givin security updates is not only the target.

It is clear the Moto G5 analogy regarding updates went clean above your head.

If you love OnePlus that much then maybe you should have bought a OnePlus. Given they only release 2 phones a year maybe they have more time on their hands to pander to your specific needs and requirements.

I haven't a problem with the Android software. My smartphone "works" under Android 8.1.0., and that's why I CAN wait on Android Pie. But I HAVE a problem with the "Nokia Camra" - App. And Mr. Sarvikas tells us, that a new camera app app receives our Nokia's 8 together with Android Pie. And THAT'S WHY I csnn't wait on the "Pie"- update. This is the onliest reason.
MrBelter, are you working for Nokia or an customer of Nokia, when you compare Nokia to moto and u said Nokia is better than moto, only for that i gave example of OnePlus,it is not about how much device a company have it is about how they are giving service, if company release lot of phone means does that mean they can provide proper service is that is the reason? If OnePlus have only 2/3device means thats the strategy of the company . Thats doesn't means they can easily give updates. And having lot of devices doesn't mean they can't give updates.
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