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Nokia 7 Plus issues after stable Android Pie update

It is almost a week now that I am using Nokia 7 Plus with stable Android Pie, and came through the following issues that needs to be resolved in the coming updates. 1. The UI is half-boiled. When I connect a physical keyboard, and try to find the shortcut keys, some part of the screen isn't visible. There is no scroll bar as well. Fix this. 2. There is no way to connect to a new WiFi network directly from the notification dashboard like Android Oreo. There is no drop-down menu beside the icons to unveil additional options. 3. Battery consumption on Bluetooth devices is very high. Even in standby, the battery life is getting diminished to 3-4 hours. I tried disabling aptX HD, butbit went in vain. (I tried it with other handsets, and even with Nokia 7 Plus Oreo edition. There was no issues. The issues seem just to be with Android Pie)

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2nd problem is of pie and not the half boiled ui. Pie no longer supports drop down list of additional options in notification toggles.
Yes you are right but the issue is with Android 9 which is draining the battery at faster rate and boils the UI and no shortcut to connect to the different WiFi anymore , also in Nokia 7 plus the face recognition is not fast as well as the split-screen is not working at all, it worked for one or two day, the option to split screen is not appearing when the actual steps are followed.

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And you can get option to change the WiFi network from notification bar itself, just long press the WiFi icon it will take you to settings WiFi activity where you can WiFi network. Also you can decrease the delay of long press of any icon in the Nokia 7 plus, in settings you can find accessibility → touch and hold delay.

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Split screen works fine for me. Just turn off the adaptive brightness as it turns the proximity sensor to always active when screen is active , so it drains battery.

Even then u are having battery drainage then reset the device.



Anyone facing proximity sensor issue after update?
@R8805 Yes, it's always on if adaptive brightness is enabled.
My adaptive brightness is turned off.
@R8805 yes I'm having the proximity sensor issue after update to pie when I call someone screen won't turn off when it's close to ear but after restart got fix let's see if I have to restart again.
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