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Charging issue

Charging is stop again and agair after updating to Android version 9 is it a software issue or hardware any one ???

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same problem issue

Suffering from the same problem but I use the different adapter it charges continuously. How to fix??

maybe next update will fix it.. my one continues with the same nokia charger but I have to plug and unplug a couple of time. And are you using a quick charger or normal one to charge? 

I am using the Nokia quick charger only but when I plug it from another charger, it charges continuously.
Might be an software issue........we can just hope they can fix it soon........also if your charging....stops again and again how are you keeping your device alive............(Guess it's our fault to think that Nokia will take..... their phones seriously) ( They are just doing the same thing as few chinese companies.......... just roll out as much as phones possible.....and see what sticks) ( Wish i was rich enough to get a Flagship)

Same problem bro..Next update will fix it.

Yes mine also didn't charge last night, woke up with the phone on 19% using the Nokia charger, it only charged about 5% over night. 

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