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When you are going to launch in India

When you are going to launch in India

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Never, it is the same as the Nokia 6.1 Plus

read the specks

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Probably on 11oct.

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what is the differenz betwin the 6.1 Plus and the 7.1?

i dind not the any differenz, and you can get the 6.1 Plus right now

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The only major difference is thier cameras otherwise everything is similar

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Nokia 6.1 Plus

Primary camera Dual Main: 16 MP AF, f2.0/1.0um, Dual second: 5 MP, BW/FF/f2.4/1.12um

Front-facing camera 16 MP FF, f2.0/1.0um

Flash Dual tone

Nokia 7.1

12-MP/5-MP-Dual-Sensor-Kamera auf der Rückseite mit ZEISS-Optik


You are right, the frontkamera from the 6.1+ have a better resolution

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HDR Video Playback Support,Zeiss Optics ,NFC inbuilt ,and PureDisplay ,Rest All Same Like Nokia 6.1 Plus ,Maybe being a First US Specific Device,so Can be Sold at Increased Cost initially

A name like 6.2 Plus woulf be better than 7.1 especially when the 7 Plus is more powerful

The 7.1 ist a downgrade to the 7 Plus but ist sounds like the successor

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I like 7.1 more than 6.1 plus.

 The Nokia 7.1 will likely never launch in India because it is similar to Nokia 6.1 Plus.

But I'd expect everybody to not compare it with the Nokia 7 Plus. Instead compare it with the Nokia 7 which was launched in China and never moved out of that country. The device is Nokia 7.1 and not 7.1 Plus for a reason.

As about a comparison, the 7.1 enjoys the much more evolved PureDisplay tech from PixelWorks. That's adding a lot to the overall feel of the display even though they are using the same 1080p panel from the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Another thing worth understanding is that the coimpanies tend to make different offerings in different countries. The Nokia 6.1 Plus (also X6) is a low-margin product and will only work on the concept of Economies of Scale (if they achieve it). Nokia cannot sell the same in more sophisticated markets of Europe and US due to an entirely different taxing regime and a more rigid warranty policy (devices in Europe are warranted for 2 years as compared to 1 year prevalent in other world markets). So, that results in a higher operating and support expenditure and hence make it harder to sell super low-margin goods.

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