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Help: Photo keeps disappearing from created folder, and back to the main Photos folder


Does anyone else have this?

So I have now three times saved 2 specific photos from Facebook, and then moved them to a custom folder I created for that types of photos.

Every time after 1-2 days, they disappear from the custom folder!

I did digging and realized they are still to be found inside the main Photos folder after they are gone from the custom folder. I guess that is where they first went when saving from an external source. So I think they moved back there?

Also if I push the "3 dots" icon on upper right corner on those disappearing photos, it now has the option "save to device". Shouldnt that option be there only for photos that have been backed up and cleared from the phones memory? (it always bugs you with that option on the upper part of the folder). I did not choose to clear them from the phone memory... 

Thank you if you have any solutions. Nokia Support has not been able to help me with this at all.

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