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Beta lab for nokia 6.1 plus

Why beta lab is not available for nokia 6.1 plus

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Beta labs is supposed to be available for Nokia 6.1 Plus on the 9/10/18. When I key in my IMEI, I am getting the error that it is not supported on my phone. Does anyone else have the same issue?

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Im too

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Mee too
It is available now

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I'm having the same problem

I have that problem
Beta lab is working properly on Nokia 6.1 Plus. (Indian Variant) I'm using Beta Pie build of my device since 3 days!❤️

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Yes... it's available from 9th of oct..
My model is TA-1099, maybe is because of that
Thanks, it's available for me too ......
Apparently the variant TA 1099 is not compatible with the beta, hopefully with the OTA yes.
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