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Flagship phone getting Pie update in last

Yet another Nokia phone entered in the market yesterday. Cheers on that. HMD also announced the Android pie update sequence.And I was surprised..seriously guys? Nokia 8 Sirocco is your flagship phone atleast that's what I think.Is there anything special that you will be providing for nokia 8 Sirocco pie update? We paid 50k₹ for this phone in india. And we expect that these updates should come to flagships before midrange.Otherwise we would have gone for mid-range phone.I personally like to keep my phone os updated and thats why I bought this phone. You people disappointed me.

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I think it has to do with release dates of the devices and not if it's a premium or mid-range or entry-level device. The 7plus was probably chosen and approved by google for beta first as it was released before the Sirocco I guess. Just my opinion. 

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I think that it's been selling quite poorly and they can't motivate a super high prio, compared to the volume products... Still, it could be worse I guess.

Quite disappointed, with Android One and project Treble I was expecting very fast cookie upgrades. But now both Sony and OnePlus have pushed out Pie updates, and they have a ton of patches on top and are not Android One!

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I'm also very disappointed as a Sirocco user. Pie update is LATE, even monthly security patch is LATE. November beta test then stable then phased rollout, there's a great chance we receive Pie AFTER every major manufacturers' Pie update.

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Exactly my point @Silas. Even Companies like Honor also releasing Pie for their mid-range phones. And I think it's about the phone category. Why would we call this phone a flagship one otherwise ? It's a simple equation, the price you pay for device the similar specs you'll get.As simple as that. I agree Google chose Nokia 7 plus for the pie beta program but that doesn't mean you ignore your flagship. And it's been 2 months since official pie is released. To disappointed nokia. I started to think my money and trust both got wasted.

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I don't want to sound like an antagonist in this thread, but now that I have my Sirocco I'm really impressed with the device. Currently setting it up.

Can't talk about all manufacturers, but the ones I had devices of didn't have a beta program or I couldn't partake in it to begin with and/or that I know of. So for me I'm impressed that Nokia has one.

Would be even more impressed if I can take part with the Sirocco. 

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