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Even the phone doesn't work

Just to add to the list of problems that demonstrate why this phone is not fit for purpose, it doesn't even work as a phone. The one thing it is meant to do. A couple of weeks ago, I got a whatsapp message from someone trying to get in touch. He had repeatedly tried to call but "got some weird unavailable tone". I had no missed calls and no voicemails. I rebooted my TA-1050 and suddenly see voicemail notifications. How many other calls had I missed? I will never know. Then today, I try calling a service with a voice menu. No audio. Nothing. Reboot my phone yet again, redial the number and it works fine. Nokia - I do not want apologies for the inconvenience and promises that you will pass this onto your developers to look at. This phone cannot be relied upon as a phone. It is not fit for purpose. End of story.

It sounds like it could be a software issue, as issues can easily arise with the addition of third party apps. Whatsapp is a third party app btw, so doesn't come under the argument for fit-for-purpose. Third party apps more odten than not load on oot, or stay in memory after running. A lot of these you probably have permissions to without realising it in regards to calls etc. Most are also poorly written, they do the same thing as a gazillion other apps and only exist to get a slice of ad revenue. Sone will even push an ad on you when you aren't even using the app. I recommend cleaning if all apps you don't need or use. Then, under app setings for e stop all apps that have no reason to stay running in the memory. This includes games! These settings should persist across backups I believe, but check. The apps may still run though, but only after they have been run. When Android 9 comes out later this month for this device do a reset after installation and restore the backup.
Do not simply do a reset and restore the backup, because if third party apps are to blame you'll just restore the problem!

Thanks for your response. I am aware that whatsapp is a third party app and that's kind of my point: it worked, when the phone app did not. I have no games on my phone - in fact I have very little. Also, the phone is responsible for memory management and I shouldn't need to "clean" apps for the phone to receive calls - that's a fundamental job of a phone! I have never had issues this bad with any other Android phone, ever.

 I had some very similar issues which were due to network issues.  In my case I had to contact customer support for my network provider and they did a "network reset".  Since then I have had no issues.

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