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Camera issues. Poor focus. Freezes frequently. Updated version?

About 3 weeks after I first got this phone, the camera app got updated. I subsequently did a factory reset, which took me back to the old camera version, with no sign of an update. That was over a month ago.

I find that this version of the camera suffers problems. Pictures and video are often out of focus. When taking a video, if I tap the screen to tell the phone where to take exposure from, it only works for a few seconds before readjusting itself to what it thinks is right - which is often wrong...

And then, after taking a video, the whole app locks up, and invariably locks the entire phone up with it. I lost a cute video of my 3yo because the video just didn't save. Had to reboot to get the phone back to normal. I took another video, once again the app locked after recording, but eventually saved the video and released control to me. It still needed another reboot to get back to anything resembling normal though.

Anyone else with similar issues? Any solutions? Alternative camera/video app?

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