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Bug List - Stable Android 9 Pie

Hi All,

I know there are several bugs we all are facing currently on the stable build. However they are all scattered in different threads. There may be other thread where this bugs may have already listed. If is it so please let me know I will add my list on that thread and delete this duplicate thread.

If not we can continue post the bug over here with detailed steps and behavior. Also if anyone who has steps to rectify those bugs they can please post there solutions which can help all of us.

So below are the bugs that I am facing on my Nokia 7 plus,

 1. Battery Charging - After the upgrade i found it is taking 6-7 seconds for the handset to detect it has been connected to charge.But after 2 days or so I observed my handset is not charging with the official adapter and cable. It shows charging but not a single count increased in 40 minutes or so. I tried with a different adapter, it was getting charged but it took around 3 hours or so to get fully charge. But next day it was charging with the secondary adapter too.

What I observe is, i have to restart my handset each time before I connect it for charging. And this is what I am following from last 3-4 days.

2. Finger Unlock: There is subsequent delay in unlocking the phone with Fingerprint scanner.

3. Camera quality: The pictures taken from primary camera with Live Bokeh mode are worst than it were before the upgrade.

4. Quick Charging: This is again related to charging. I suspect with the update the quick charge support has been removed.

5. Standby Battery life: It is now consuming around 10-14% of battery life in standby of 6 hours with Wifi, Mobile-data and Bluetooth on. It never took more than 6-7% with same settings on Oreo build.

Does anyone have a solution or workaround for above issues please post them.
Is there any bug others are facing please list them.

Thank you.

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Quick charging still works for me.

Battery life has deteriorated. 

I have not yet tested the battery problem.

A solution as suggested by one of the users to improve battery is to disable adaptive brightness. The battery life improves marginally.

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Adaptive brightness is already off. Still it sucks. I am planning to complete factory reset. May be it will help me.

It is always advisable to do a factory reset after a major software update.
I did a hard reset before installing pie. The upgrade install was done on a factory reset phone. I am not facing any of the above issues.
@Antony - Agreed with your point. And so I have decided to factory reset my device. Once done I will use it for couple of days and see if the issues dissappear.
While I did do a hard reset post installation of pie update, apart from poor battery backup I am not facing any of the above mentioned problems.

Am I the only one here with none of the above mentioned problems? I don't have any issues with this build, my battery performance is great, at par, if not better, with the Oreo build, quick charge working, camera too is great and finger unlock is crispier than before. I didn't even do a factory reset after the update just I rebooted the phone a couple of times. So, why am I not having any of these issues, I wonder. I bought it in July only, is this somehow linked to the experience? 

Here the same as @Mohan Reddy Pappireddy,. I have install manual the pie, with download to my root and installed with phone number call. Come from the Netherlands with a TA 1046. Everything works good and have no problem. I am happy with the 9, it works better (smoother) as the beta on my phone.,, Bluetooth, aptx, brightnes and so much more ;)

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Its really great to hear that there are very few people or would say no one else is facing the same issues as me. Assuggested by few members, I have performed factory reset. Will observe for next few days, hoping everything will be good. Peace
@user1513198044248 - I tried installing with the phone dialer, it said file not found. By root directory you mean outside the download folder ?
OTG not detected in this update. Previous update OTG was worked flawlessly
The lock sound doesn't work for sometimes and the charging issue happened to me..
I just updated my phone yesterday. Honestly saying, Oreo had much better UX. 1) My lock screen message shows up only when I restart the phone. Once it is unlocked after restart, it disappears and not shown afterwards. 2) Notification bar doesn't show the date. It is so annoying that I have to go to home to see the date. 3) Battery backup has decreased. I expect it to increase gradually as pie learns my usage and adapt to it. Anyone facing the above issue? Any help is appreciated.

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About date not showing up on notification. On a full screen I was able to see it and the bug was mainly due to date font color. It is black all the time. That's why I am not able to see it. On dark theme, I am able to see it. But when it is in auto or light theme, the date is invisible. I hope this gets fixed on next update.
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