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Nokia 6.1 Plus Purchase from Reseller/Retailer

I am about to buy Nokia 6.1 Plus from a retailer at a higher price(which I am sure is going to be a resale) as it is impossible to order from Flash Sales on Flipkart and apparently the delivery service by is poor.

So here are a few doubts that I have:

1. The retailer will provide its own bill. So would that bill be considered for warranty?

2. What would be considered as the Date of Purchase? The Date of Purchase by the retailer or the date I will purchase it from him?

U can buy it from flipkart in big billion sale. The phone is available for sale from 10-14
Flipkart flash sales are unreliable so I highly suggest you to purchase from Nokia whenever available as risks involved are way to high. Complete loss of manufacturer warranty would suck. Delivery issues are probably from Delhivery's side (Nokia's Logistics partner for online store).
not everybody is delivery issues..I order mine on 30th Aug in on 4th Sept which I think is fairly standard considering a weekend was also there. Your order might take some time depending on your location but you will be given a proper invoice from Nokia and you will get warranty as well. Doesn't it look a far better option???
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