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Nokia 7 plus restarting when charging


For about some months now I am having a problem with my Nokia 7 plus. 

A bit after I got the 8.1 update, my phone started restarting when in charging. 

I thought that it would stop when received the Android 9 update, but is still continuing. 

I've tried uninstalling all apps to see maybe this issue is app related, but it still restarts. The same also in safe mode.

Strange part is that the restarts happen only when the phone phone is turned on and in charging. 

If I charge the phone turned off, or when the phone is not in charging, no restarts at all. 

Also, if I let any app open when I'm charging the phone, he doesn't restart. 

Anyone has a similar issue? Is there any solution for this problem?

I also have same problem..Frustrated with Nokia.. I have been suffering from this problem from last 2 months..junk phone..bad support.why cannot they support .. I don't recommend Nokia Android to anyone
I bought this phone on 20 July 2018. I didn't faced any issue with the phone except randomly the phone restart on its own. This has happened with me 7-8 times and you are correct with your observations it happens only while the phone is charging and in my case it happens somewhere in 70% - 78 % charge level. Also just before restarting it gives a warning that the battery temperature is hot & stop charging. Mine is on Android P. Let me know if anyone of you had been able to resolve the issue and how?
Still haven't found a solution. As it seems no one has been able to find a solution or give at least an explanation yet. That's too bad though, because it's a really good phone, beside the brightness at least.
Turn off auto rotate before connecting charger. The problem is with rotation sensor.
Thank you! Will try and let you know.
I have this from beta to pie. It comes always by 77% and than.. I stopped charge and plugged later in, than goes it good! It comes not as I not used the display., than goes it good to 100%
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