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Nokia 6.1 plus device was refurbished ( Flipkart Flashsale)

The device turned off by itself within a week of purchase. Its completely dead , taken it to the service centre and they managed to turn on the device but told me that the front camera , Mic , and Speaker is not working and they have to change the whole PCB board with a cost of 13067rs for a 16000rs device. They claim it as a liquid damage which I have no idea of. The device was barely used and even the protective film of the device was not removed when the device was submitted to service station. Is there any justice and remedy that Nokia can provide me on this. All I receive is Automated Apologies through mail and Never care attitude phone calls. Is there anyone who could help me bring this issue to a higher official of Nokia - Iam sure Nokia have sold me a refurbished mobile device with liquid damage in it. 

A Customer cannot open the device and check the PCB board for Liquid Damage at the time of delivery can he? I trusted Nokia and I now completely regret buying a Nokia device. I thought their entry into the market will provide Solid , Stable devices but from what I have experienced myself and other customers in the service centre is that all newly bought nokia devices are back to the service centres within a month! In my case it was just a week. Pathetic !

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