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Smart lock

I have smart lock problem after 1 sep update in smart lock all option is disappeared

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Disable Trust Agents (Settings>Security & location>restart>enable Trust Agents. Smart lock will be ok. Successfuly.

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Mine also
Its work, thank you user1538861194333
I'm having the same problem on my 6.1 fixed it via trusted agents, but the problem keeps reappearing...

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Has this bug been reported already?
I too facing the same problem.
Is there any solution available
Just wait for Pie

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Even I got the same problem after the Sep update. I also tried this, as one of the user told - Disable Trust Agents (Settings>Security & location>restart>enable Trust Agents. But that doesn't worked for me.. Still facing the issue... Someone pls share the solution..
I think considering the little importance of the smart lock feature in securing the device we should wait for the pie to come instead of going nuts over the disappearance of the feature. It will come back when android 9.0 comes. So we have to have some patience.
Its working for me now... Do the following guys, Go to Settings>Security & location> Trust Agents> Disable it.. now restart your device.. then, go to Settings>Security & location> Trust Agents again and Enable it now and check... It will be working fine...

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It works but after 2 or 3 days we have to do the same

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