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Phone is working slow after Android 9 update.

Hello. I am Jatin Mathur from New Delhi. I have updated my Nokia 7Plus phone to Android 9 version. But the update has made my phone slower, because as I type or open an app, it happens with slight delay. It seems that the phone has started hanging a bit. I don't even use much apps and more than half of the storage of my phone empty. Please help me resolve this issue.

I have the same annoying problem. Yesterday I updated my phone and it takes about 3-5 second to open an app or even the phone screen.

Hope someone helps us to solve the problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, please return your phone to the factory settings, it fixes many things.

@finland will factory reset erase all data?
I did a factory reset of my Nokia 7 plus, but still facing the same issues.the split screen is not working.camera is still the same worst quality and the gesture navigation no where to see.
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