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Advise from a prospective client to Nokia:

Currently my contract at a carrier is up for a upgrade and my second contract will be eligible for an upgrade in November 2018. I've been a loyal samsung supporter for the past 10 years, but due to their firmware taking ages (approx. 10 months or more before I receive the latest firmware) I've been looking else where for the last year or more as I'm really tired of waiting so long before receiving the latest. Reading now since the beginning of the year of the Android One program and that Nokia would be part of this program I was exited as finally I also could get the latest firmware as pixel devices aren't sold here in South Africa that I'm aware of from carriers. 

I was under the impression Nokia would send the firmware directly to us, the clients, and bypass the carriers.

I've had in the past a lot of arguments with my carrier about this subject on their forum/email/phone et al.

But it seems it's not the case, and if you knew anything about South African carriers, they are not really in a hurry to supply you, as a client, the latest firmware or anything for that matter if you go read their Facebook pages and the complaints daily on them.

I was really considering purchasing the 7 plus now and next year if a new premium device is launched to order it as soon as it's available. 

But like I stated supra if carriers will approve and test the firmware first, it will not benefit me to purchase a Nokia device/product as the carriers will take their time and it will basically take as long as the samsung firmware updates.

Because if it's released November, my carrier will test it and take their time, so basically it will just be in time for the new samsung device to be released with pie, next year, on it when pie is available for the 7 plus and 8 Sirocco.     

** If I may make a suggestion and I would think a lot of clients on the forum and elsewhere would agree bypass carriers, they will only slow the process down and you will loose clients and those that might be interested would be turned off when they see carriers are involved.**

Because at this stage it's hindering me from purchasing a Nokia product.

Just wanted to share my observation and advise as an outsider. 

I am also in South Africa. Bought a 7Plus partly on the Android promise. No update to this date - in spite of bragging about updates by Nokia. The most I got was suggestions that I sideload Pie. I know I can but that is not the issue. We were promised Pie by Sept and then it was announced that it is out". It was and is not. The promise was and is NOT "buy this phone and you can sideload". I believed Nokia's promise. The one about supplying Pie in September if we buyba 7Plus. This is made worse by the lack of information. Just a deadly silence from Nokia after a "wait a few days" thrown at us. We bought your product. We trusted you. Now speak to us. Tell us why there is no Pie, tell us if it has bugs, tell us when you will privide it as promised. Silence while boasting about undelivered promises does not create trust. Thank you.

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@Ferdi. Do you have a carrier mobile device Ferdi? That was what I was afraid of, and as we know due to our carriers being totally oblivious about firmware we will probably be the last to receive pie on Nokia devices OTA as what I've seen on other mobile devices/platforms.  

If by carrier device you mean under contract with a network, then no. I bought the phone as a seperate unit at a tech store called Incredible Connection. Then I inserted a pay as you go sim fron Vodacom. And I look for the update with the data switched off and the phone connected to my home wifi that is fed by an independent internet ISP.
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