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Hopes for the Android 9 beta labs

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Dear HMD,

During the Beta Labs for the upgrades from Android 7 to 8 you tested lots of features and then for some reason you removed them when you released the final versions and closed the beta. People enjoyed these other features, so why did you remove them? I hope this time that when you test a feature that you leave it in, unless it obviously doesn't work.

To everyone with a Nokia phone - please take part in the beta labs for Android 9 and when you find a new feature you like please tell HMD that you like it and why! This is the best way to make sure that HMD know that we like all of these little features.

Cheers :)

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What update Nokia 6.1 2018 model 9 p beta

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According to the announcement last week the 6.1 should get Android 9 this month. However, I expect this will be Beta Labs, not final release.

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Why Nokia had not provided Pro Camera Application like in Latest Nokia 7.1 (2018)..? Also we want some good music equilizer in Nokia 6.1+ as like Dolby , Can they'd provide ?

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I expect that the latest Pro camera app will come to all models eventually, since the 7.1 is currently on Android 8.1. I don't know if the camera app will be linked to Android version in future, because now it's updated via the play store, not firmware updates.

An audio equalizer would be a great function, something I'm surprised isn't included in Android by default.

The beta lab for 6.1 plus is now open. Is there any chance it'll be also available soon for Nokia 6.1 2018?

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Ok. Thanks
I want to record fm radio. But no button record.

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Something to test in Android 9 when your phone gets the beta then!

When is Nokia 8 getting the pie update?

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HMD said November, which I expect means we'll get the beta in November.

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