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Bugs after Pie update

-Bluetooth not working ok. Sometimes it conects and keep sounding in the phone instead of the headsets. It eats way more battery than before. -White balance problem with the camera, sometimes in sunny situations it turns everithing to a ugly yellow. Even putting manual white balance does nothing. -Sometimes notifications don't show up, even in apps that i use all the time. -Battery life is considerable worst than 8.0 august, i get 1 hour of SoT at last. -Everything is less smoth, stutters on animations, the notification panel collapse with 3 notifications and don't show the messages, just a white bar. -In thr upper corner where you see the notifications it shows a point instead of the notifications when you have 3 or more notifications. -Ambient display showing a horizontal bar in the screen even if there are notifications. -The brightness bar is not changing the level with a touch, yoy have to carry the slide. After so many previews i was not expecting this, i am really dissapointed.

Since Nokia haven't included the ability to wipe the system cache, have you tried a factory reset?

All of this is after a Clean Install, with factory reset. Also battery draining is crazy, specially with bluetooth and 4G.
Android pie has brought lots of bugs, the 18 watt charger provided with package is has stopped working. The device gets hanged at regular intervals, after the update.
Bluetooth turns on automatically. Double tapping on the ambient display when there are notification, doesn't animate while opening/showing notifications on lockscreen. Lockscreen swipe down notification animation doesn't work after one try. IR sensor is always on (red light to the left of earpiece), draining the battery. Battery and RAM management should be improved. Random freezing and reboot (rare). Lock and unlock animation is broken. Add gestures to stock launcher. Heating issue is persistent.
The ambient sensor doesn't work,it doesn't turn off the display while picking up and making calls from the stock phone app.
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