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Request (petition?) to make the OZO Audio API the default

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Dear HMD,

You've received lots and lots of feedback from many users of your new Nokia phones about problems with the sound and to ask that OZO Audio can be used by non-HMD apps.

I'm writing this post as a general request (perhaps a petition?) for your to make the API for OZO Audio the default one which Android uses for all sound recording in your phones. I believe this will also address the sound problems (which are strange, considering how amazing OZO audio should be!) because the non-OZO Audio (and default, for non-HMD apps) API is not working properly in many phones.

It's possible (maybe probable!) that I've completely misunderstood how OZO Audio is integrated with the rest of Android. If so, please explain to us and help us understand why OZO Audio can't be the default and why we have all of these other sound problems.

Thanks :)

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Petition, or not, I'm signing it! Some OS/System implementation of OZO Audio would be necessary, because default camera app is not the only app anymore to take videos. And option to only record voice in 'high-quality' OZO audio, with otherwise amazing microphone array, is just not possible.

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Community Hero

Great! Thanks for your support. Yes, taking videos with any other app doesn't use OZO audio at present, which is very very disappointing.

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Tech Wizard

Also, A native voice recording app from Nokia will be much appreciated with implementation of OZO Audio.

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Community Hero

Yes, this would be cool, and surely not difficult, as it would just be the video app without the video!

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