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Battery draining

After android pie update the battery of Nokia 7 plus draining faster than earlier. Even when I on the battery optimiser but not use Plz fix it Nokia

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Yes I have same issue battery drain very fast before it would not .please fix it immediately.
Same battery issue with my Nokia 7 plus device...its draining too fast that it doesn't even giving 1 day back-up on average usage
Same here i doubt that my phone's battery has died or its a software bug infact my phone is only two months old
I don't have this issue. Infact my battery life is better after the pie update. However I have a different WiFi connectivity issue. It appears that Nokia has given us different builds with different bugs. I hope that's not the case.

I had this Pie update yesterday 2018-10-12. At first I didn't pay attention to battery issues, but instead I was very unpleased with Pie UI, namely QuickStep, which I then changed to and tweaked with Nova. Then, I started to notice the severe battery drain, which I in my mind at first blamed to Nova. But, instead, as I just noticed, it's the Pie itself.

With Screen brightness as low as 40% and all battery savings to the max, I only get about 10 hours of forecasted charge with no usage, as opposed to Oreo's previous settings like 85-95% brightness and 40+ hours of charge even with more than moderate usage. 

So something's definitely wrong here.

Did u have notice screen flickering issue when brightness level below 30 percentage.mostly it visible white background when u scroll any page.

No, I haven't seen such flickering yet.

Oreo was much better than this pie I can bet nokia's software department is too weak After months od beta testing what we got this buggy pie infact i would love to stay with oreo than this
Check which app is draining your battery, if its display then try adaptive brightness. You can try addaptive battery manager. Disable any app that draining your phone battery in background.
Also clear all the apps(ram) after using......
Yes same issue with my phone battery draining very fast after pie update
Yes NOKIA is now at this time is Known for CUSTOMER'S HARRASHER by giving different types of BUGS
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