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Android Pie Stable Update

Is the Android Pie stable update available to just the beta testers or to everyone who owns a Nokia 7 Plus? I recently bought a 7 Plus and I have all the Oreo updates but haven't received the Pie update yet. Do I need to sign up for the beta to get the stable update?

The stable version will come alone, NOKIA has small turbulence with the Pie update

So they didn't release it? I thought it was already released.

Officially issued, but only for India and it was written that it will get it at the beginning of 10% to ensure quality. Mainly it was about the announcement that NOKIA kept her word. Generally, they write very laconically as such a serious company. Today something has been broken and several users write that they get an update. We are all very angry and hungry for updates to Pie. Already, it has been rather a few days and we should all get it.
Update is live now for global version, check it manually

I've checked manually many times (till yesterday) without success. I do have the global unlocked version. I haven't checked today since I don't have the phone with me right now, will try again later.

still nothing. it's a very slow rollout for Android One devices considering OnePlus got it out to all their 6 phones several weeks back.

I just realized that I don't even have the Sep 1 security patch. 

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