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Android Pie Update

When HMD Global launched the Nokia 6 back in January 2017, one of their biggest sales pitch was guaranteed software and security updates for two and three years respectively. That means by January 2019, HMD is no longer obligated to push OS updates on the Nokia 6, 5, and 3. Judging by the slow rate of Nokia phones getting Android Pie and HMD's backward order of importance, I am preparing to accept the reality that Oreo 8.1 could be the last update that I can enjoy with my Nokia 6. 

I'll have to admit I'm a little disappointed, though I'm quite sure this is the quickest way to lose customers.

I'm not so sure. It's only October and already 6.1 is receiving Android P. While there are considerable differences between the 6.1 and our 6, I believe the update from one to the other won't be that significant of a leap. I'm hopefully thinking we'll see P roll out to our Nokia 6 by the end of October. 
Oreo is more than enough for the price and age of the phone anyways. There will be no non functional apps atleast in the next 2 years when it comes to the android version requirement. Original Nokia 6 hardware is the one leaving behind and heavy apps getting sluggish. Nobody just really does not need the Pie, if I might express myself so boldly. Not knowing the most resent demands, I guess marsmallow is still compatible with all the current gen apps. Sure it's nice to have Pie, but really no need. My quite newish Huawei pad is running on Nougat and wont be getting any newer android ........
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