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version 4GB Ram and 64GB storage Germany


why we get in germany only the version with 3GB Ram and 32GB storage?

And why is the price for this so high?

339EUR is to much for a version with only 3GB Ram and 32GB storage! The 4GB/64GB should have this price than it where ok.

For this price I get the 7 plus which have more equitment.

The 7.1 is only the new 6.1 in the version 3GB/32GB.

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About prices, vendors are not the only ones deciding about final price sale. Local market and regulations dictate the final price for all goods.

Please allow me to disagree with you for the comparison of the 6.1 plus and the 7.1.

You have things like HDR processing, and difference in camera aperture compared to the 6.1 plus. additionally the body structure of the devices are different.

Klaus are right I geht dir 30€ note the 7 plus Whatsapp habe a faster Prozessor note ram more memory more Akku kapacity, HDR prozessing is software It is just a different display and a different camera, thats it. Markus


Ritzar, I mean not hte 6.1 plus only the 6.1. The 6.1 plus is not avaible in Germany too!

I not know why Nokia do this in German.

The 7.1 is not the 7 plus successor in my eyes. It is, what I write, more an 6.1 successor.

And special things like HDR needs RAM and good processor.

 Not understand me wrong.

The 7.1 is a good smartphone but what I not like is that we get in Germany not the full model with 4/64 and the price is in my eyes to high. Under 300EUR will be fair for the 3/32 model.

Perhabs the price fall after the start.

The best on this 7.1 for me is the size!

I not know why all smartphones must be so big?

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