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Performance and daily review after 10 Months

I've bought my Nokia 2 on January 2018 as backup phone. After 10 months of usage here it is my opinion: -Never had a well built phone like this, had a lot of brutals falls even in the water, never cracked screen. -The battery is superb, 1 Week lasting with 1 hour of screen every day (just social and web) 2-3 days lasting with very heavy usage. (6-7 hours screen on time) (only now after Oreo beta update last ~1 hour less than Nougat) -Display. The quality of the screen is better than 200-300€ phones I had before. Incredibly bright on sunlight and very nice oil repellent. -Now let's talk about performance. Obviusly underpowered, it is the slowest phone I had with 1 GB of RAM. My Moto G3 was much faster. IDK why is bad optimized like that, Snapdragon 212 should be make system running better than this. Conclusion: A Need a Nokia 2 (exactly like this, 5 inch display) with more power under the hood.
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