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Factory reset

Hi. I am from India and soon going to receive my brand new Nokia 7 plus (very excited) I know that it'll come with oreo 8.1 out of box and as pie 9.0 is out for this device so I'll be asked to update it. Please if anyone can help with my confusion that is a factory reset muat before or after a huge software update like this? Many people say that i need to always factory reset my phone after updating, but if i factory reset it, will it damage my update or phone? As its a new phone, i am scared of taking any risks, so if someone here with similar experience with updates to a new device can help me, then I'll be very greatful.

You can safely upgrade Pie 9. Restoring the factory settings is safe.

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Resetting your phone won't damage it all. In fact you'll find after a major update it will help it run smoother. I do it all the time so yes it is safe to do

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Thank you so much guys. This was very helpful
Hello bro pls don't do this I done same thing after pie update I reset it and after phone is restart my scrrn stuck with erasing mode which was not recover me and by nokia care also nokia care says its a main board issue and they have to replace it my phone is just one month old running smoothly in Oreo 8.1 but after pie update I done this big mistake and feel very bad so pls before do factory reset pls ask nokia care center my best wishes you all of you

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Omg! I am sorry you've to go through this bro. Also very thankful for your advice. I'll be careful coz your experience is scary.
Hi everyone I just say to all of you beware of nokia service centres its horrible all over india no spare parts available they take 15 to 20 days for it and no response from nokia hmd customer support phone is good but if your phone is facing issue then you survive badly like us pls beware
I newly purchase nokia 7 plus i m very happy and excited its working awsome before pie update after updating android 9 i m facing some issue like screen freezing etc so i decieded to do factory reset but after restart the phone the screen is stuck in erasing mode and i will try to restart several time but the result are same then i went to nokia care mumbai lower parel today telecome they checked my phone and told me my phone pcb is faulty and they have to replace it but due to shortage of spare parts it will take time then i submit my phone to nokia care on 8 october till now there is no solution i trusted nokia name and i m a huge fan of nokia devices but after that type of service i realy disappointed i personaly want nokia to come back but if your service in not improve then it will difficult to come back i suggest you personaly pls maintain stock of every phone model parts to nokia care if you want to place in smartphone market
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