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Poor Network Reception

Team, Kindly help. Often I see that the network reception of the phone is poor and getting zero signal for few minutes. Tested the sim with other phone in the same locality and we get 4g signals.

It is indeed very poor. Mine just doesn't stay on 4g lte for more than a day. Drops to 3g and i have to reboot the phone to use 4g again.
Looks like user population is less and hence complaints are less and Nokia team is not interested to resolve the concern.....
No there are quite a lot of ppl who use Nokia phones and most of them have some kind of issue with their device but hmd bother to doesn't fix it. Exept the feature phones and Nokia 8 Sirocco, rest of the phones give users a lot of trouble. Anyway this network problem that we're facing i don't think can be fixed with software.

What are the bands used by your operator in that area?

My phone will regularly drop to Edge and even plain old 2g when that is the stronger signal option and the 3 and 4g bands are weak, every phone i have had has done this.

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