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Navigator button not respond after leave over night

Hello everyone. I have issue with the navigator button. After night sleep, an about 2cm from bottom up of the touch screen of my phone has not working but other work normally. I must restart the phone then it work again till next morning. Has anyone have issue like me?

Best Answer
Possible work around/fix; next time it happens, try going into menu -> system -> about phone and see if this wakes up the nav bar.

 Same here! Bought the phone a week ago. It happens almost every day, so have to reboot each time. Hope it's a software issue and it will be fixed with next update...

Yeah I have this issue too. Just slightly above the nav bar and the whole nav bar becomes unresponsive after laying idle over the night. After a reboot it functions for the remainder of the day, but having to reboot this phone daily is kind of annoying.

 Actually I think I kind of fixed it with factory settings reset. Two days now running smoothly, will see how it goes...

Same here. Factory reset did not sort it for me. 

Tried resetting it after I first experienced the problem, it didn't solve it for me either.

 Posted earlier, thought factory reset helped, but it DIDN't actually, it worked smoothly for two days, on the third morning it started again.Hope it's not a hardware issue, the phone is brand NEW!! It never fell or else, WTF NOKIA???!?!?

I think it's a firmware issue because it was not happen in 8.1. Hope HMD will fix it soon!!!
The fix may turn up in an update far far away. Here in the UK I would still be on august oreo If I hadn't sideloaded pie myself. It's nothing short of stupid. Like the phone though so it's a dilemma


Possible work around/fix; next time it happens, try going into menu -> system -> about phone and see if this wakes up the nav bar.

I have the  same thing after a night not using the phone (not charging either).  The bottom 1,5 centimeter stops responding/registering (to) touch.

I managed to capture the limits of the touch-capture.  I'm performing continuous touch but registration stops and appears when I get near the bottom.


About phone workaround works for me.


HMD, I didn't get this phone to be your beta tester. Please fix ASAP.

 The fix really works, thanks! Glad it's not the hardware issue... Shame on u Android Pie~!

I have the same issue as well, every morning after having it on charge over night. Gets fixed if you go into the about section.. please fix, very annoying.
Same issue nokia should respond to this issue
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