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Stock apps

No stock file manager app No stock gallery app And more over there exist no recorder!!! No app lock No face id No proper manual mode with all features No navigation gestures! But why????

because nokia is using stock android
I know it's stock Android but those are the necessary apps right??? How can they forget... Further it's even hangs especially when installing a app... Takes touches on the place where I haven't touch... Atleast, they would've given gallery, file manager and a recorder!
now i have doubt,why everyone saying their phone hanging,my phone never hanged and its working fast
I don't know the proper reason for hanging... But it's really disguisting!
i can only say,check for updates ,dont use apps outside of play store,and dont use third class memory card,if problem persist chrck in safe mode if still it hangs go to care
How do I get to safe mode
long press power button ,then long press on restart option,you will have a dialogue box to go into safe mode
Thank you... Btw, which app do you use for recording and gallery,file manager?
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