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Not Displaying in HD


A while ago my screen started flickering intermittently.  This happens randomly.  In addition my screen is not displaying in HD, it looks pixelated.  I have reset the cache for all apps.  Running Android 8.1.0.

Anybody else notice this?  Any suggestions before I do a factory reset??

Thanks ! 

I just purchased this phone and updated it instantly to pie so I've no experience if this issue was already there even in Oreo or if it's a bug in the new update? I was thinking that maybe I got a faulty unit delivered. Can you please also help me if you find any solution?
Me too
My phone was fine when I got it first. There is now also what looks like a burned shadow on the left hand side taking about 20%of the screen when the phone is in standby mode (just displaying clock). Can I get onto Nokia about this, anybody know the support procedure?
You can try chatting with the customer care employee with the help of support Nokia app. There's option to chat and also option to find your nearest Nokia service centre in the Nokia support app which is pre-installed in Nokia 7 plus. I never had experience of going to a service centre so don't know the procedure. But my experience with the chat support wasn't very fruitful. All they could suggest is a hard factory reset but that doesn't solve all issues.
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