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Actions not working

I recently got Nokia 7 plus and I am very happy with the device. I updated to android pie without any issues and till now no major problem. But I found that there's a feature in pie called "actions" which works in app suggestions and appears below the recent apps in app drawer. The action feature is AI based which learns about our habit and provide us with app options. But in my phone, even when the option of "Actions" is turned on, it's still not showing any app suggestions? I've been using this device on pie for nearly a week now, so it should be showing, but its not working. Is someone else also facing this issue? Or if there's a mistake in my understanding of this feature and it doesn't always shows up? I am new to pie, so if some experienced person could help then I'll be very great full.

There is an app called 'actions services' make sure you aren't clearing its data or have disabled the app. Also make sure you've given the app all the permissions.You can try updating the 'actions services' app from apk mirror.It does take a few days to start showing you recommended actions though.
Hi Prajay, thank you very much for this suggestion and help.
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