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Display gone blank

My nokia 5.1 plus screen has gone blank. After 10-15 minutus later, its reboot again. is there any issue with my device?

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I am also facing the same issue.. please fix it soon.. the screen got blank but the phone was active.. the alarm till ringing and and when I tapped the screen multiple times to check whether it's working or not.. it dialled a random number.. it happend 2 in 2 day's.. even the Power button doesn't work at this time.. have to press the Volume buttons with power to re-start the device.. bit this temporarily foz the problem.. please fix it

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I have this problem too please fix this asap

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I am also facing the same problem please resolve it as soon as possible

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The display goes off suddenly when I try to unlock the phone. I can see that the phone is working as it unlocks and when seen from a proper angle, I can see the screen working with very little brightness(way lesser than the least possible brightness using brightness option in display) and very less color. On restarting the phone, it starts working fine again. Have faced this issue twice already.
I think turning off ambient display would work. But there many other problems also in this phone like screen freeze, lags etc.

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no permanent solution for this display blank problem is provided by nokia till now, this is not expected from organization like nokia

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Please nokia fix this problem as soon as possible.
I have also this problem
I am also facing same issue. Was in a hurry to place a call and display went black. When I asked some one to place a call there is incoming dialer tone but no display. Then figured out how to hard reset the device and it started working again. Is there any way I can get a refund of my device I don't want to have a unreliable device that stops working randomly.
I think the issue is present in all the nokia devices. Even i face the same issue. As i observe the lcd is actually ON but the backlight doesnt loght up when this issue occurs. Rebooting the device by pressing volume up and power button will help during this situation. It happens very very rarely..... But still it needs to be solved by nokia.
Hi... I've started to face problems with my new Nokia 5.1 plus. It's been a month since I bought this device. But for the past two days my screen's turning completely black frequently. The phone does not reboot by itself. But when the screen's off I can still hear the lock and unlock sounds. Then only when press power and volume up buttons simultaneously, the phone reboots. Is this a software bug or is there something wrong in the display?? Please Nokia if you can fix this, do it at the soonest possible time or if this is any hardware issue please let me know. Thanks!

Facing the same Issue, Please do fix this issue ASAP.

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