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Device not supported?


I have attempted to use the Hmd app to give me a code to unlock the boot loader, however when it gets to the final step it gives me a Device not supported error message. I've seen people facing the same issue but they don't say how they've resolved it. Anyone know?

Best Answer

HMD bootloader unlocker is now working on my TA-1052 with october security patch!

Sorry, forgot to add, this is a TA-1012 on the latest Oct 2018 security update.


Am I the only person facing this issue?

Nope, you are note alone. Me and many other owners have the same issue. Why HMD does not react on it - is unknown.

HMD, Nokia, somebody, anybody!

Official bootloader unlock system does not work with Oktober security patch!

We asked you - you did it - unlock is provided, but not working properly.

Please finish what you have started, make working unlock system!

 I`m sorry for my Eng.

Yes. Analysis is good, but we expect to reaction from the official support but not from the outside. HMD`s maintainers are the only who can solve it.

 Still no any comments from HMD side? Atleast promice or any sign that you`ve read it?


 What is going on?! Why are you ignore us? It`s not respectable towards those who brings you money! I demand to solve the problem immediately! I have paid my money for product and support, but not for silence!


Tech Wizard

Please use the chat or email options in the Support app for official support. - And let the forum know how it goes?

Trying chat through the support app now, will let you know how it goes..


Just got off the chat, they confirmed that the latest security update deactivated boot loader unlock for Nokia 8.

They have escalated the issue and it will be addressed by their android department.

And the solution should come with the next security update.

Let's wait and see...


HMD bootloader unlocker is now working on my TA-1052 with october security patch!

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