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Android 9 Pie updated failed, but it is installed

After upgrading to Android 9 Pie, I got a message that the update failed. I clicked on 'retry' or 're-download' in that message. When I check the version, it says 9. Everything looks like Anrdroid 9 too. When I click on 'check for update', it says that it's up to date. Is some part of Android 9 now missing from my phone? Anyone else got this message after upgrading? So far the only thing wrong that I notice is that I can't put some widgets on the home screen (for instance digital clock).

I would suggest to perform a clean format.

Funny, mine said the same, but everything is perfectly fine. BTW, I'm in Hungary, the update popped up yesterday night..

The same happened to me it is not do the upgrade.
I had the same issues so I factory reset my device after doing a backup.
And it work for you? I did the factory reset and the update not came to the device.
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