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Nokia is cheating

Nokia is not keeping up its promise as we were promised to recieve android pie in first half of sept. But we recieved it in the last days of sept. Similarly we are promised to recieve security patches monthly but it almost end of the month oct. But we recieved nothing #Nokia is only focusing on quantities as they are launching new phones sooner than expected but not on quality we are getting pathetic support from them as after months of beta testing we still got android pie stable update with full of bugs and I think i dont need to talk about camera as it simply sucks despite of having capable hardware camera's performance sucks i have seen people complaing about poor battery backup issue but nokia is not giving shit about it #This will surely not help nokia to survive long if this continues then they will fail again as market is so competative that we are getting much more in less prices I wish I have bought one plus 6 by adding 10k more I have wasted my money on this phone

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1) Phone hangs a lot 2) Screen flickering is too much now 3) Apps are constantly crashing even after rebooting device and cleaning cache 4) No mention about fixing the screen flickering issue 5) Can't watch YouTube videos with so much flickering 6) Recent apps isn't working 7) Actions services isn't working even when it's installed 8) Launcher needs bug fixes. Will these issues be considered in next update? Will security update come with bug fixes also? Please Nokia, we need answers. Specially please pay attention to screen flickering, it's more annoying than any other issues.
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