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KaiOS twitter app

 There is no doubt some way to get out of it ( I have done it before) but it isn't obvious.

I was expecting the "back button" to do it, but from the "home" screen, the back button does nothing. I guess you are not meant to turn twitter off (?) - it is meant to run in the background and contribute to software bloat. You KaiOS people need to formalise a policy on this one...


ps only experience is on a Nokia 8110 - it could be the phone of course

Long press of the back button should end the app.

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What Keith mentioned is correct. When i first tried Twitter, I thought it was buggy then I realized it was me who was not familiar in the usage of this feature phone. For example, I only found out recently zooming out by pressing '1' makes it easier and faster to view, read and scroll the articles.

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