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Scared to charge phone

It's only been a week since I purchased Nokia 7 plus. There are certain issues but one issue is scaring me. Whenever I put my phone in charge, it gets extremely hot and at 70%, I always get a notification- "battery temp exceeded normal, stop recharge". Because of this message I stop charging, turn off my phone, let it cool down then again charge it to 100%. This happens not just once, but EVERYTIME I put my phone on charge. This notification scares me even when my phone cools down because I am scared if the battery is damaged? Or will it explode if I keep charging? Is my battery bad? I also have Nokia 6.1 2018 and never faced any such charging issue. It also gets hot while charging but I never got notification that asked me to stop charging. Is my unit damaged? I am actually scared, can someone understand the issue and enlighten me? Should I replace my unit or talk to customer care? Is anyone else facing the issue?
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